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OTTO AUGENMERK – taped Kunterbunt

OttO Augenmerk's world is very quiet. He does not use spoken language or written words. However, there's a lot to look at in that world! 

OttO shares his fabulous stories, fantastic thoughts and wide variety of deep feelings. He creates   malleable universes with the tools at his disposal: his body, face and hands as well as glowing tapes of many different colors. He can transform a world, make it disappear or bring it to life in a blink of an eye. OttO can overcome time and space as he can go anywhere at any speed. To OttO existence and meaning is relative: He constantly turns the world upside down. Everything takes on new meanings, even what he already knows.

OttO trains our eyes. He gives us an insight into how quickly our viewing habits can change and new perspectives can be adopted.

OTTO AUGENMERK - Ein Mensch von Welt is a solo piece for international, deaf and hearing audiences from the age of 5 and over. The 40-minutes performance is followed by a workshop (20 minutes), that gives the audience the opportunity to create their own worlds with the use of body language and glrowing tapes on stage. 

Idea, concept, choreography: Gabriel Galindez Cruz

Performance, co-choreography: Jan Kress

2nd cast, co-choreography: Kaveh Ghaemi

Consulting Visual Vernacular/Outside Eye: Ace Mahbaz

Stage design, costumes: Federico Polucci

PR: Sandra Ellegiers

Assistance: Valeria Oviedo Garcia

Lighting design, technology: Stefan Neumann

Production management: Jutta Polić

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